GARYGary IN, Gary IN, Gary IN


Gary we Love you

Here are some new pictures

He is not a baby anymore


Who is Gary?

Gary is a 'Scratch and Dent' kitten that we found in Gary, IN at one of Greg Horn's Football games.  He was a dirty little thing that Jenay fell in love with instantly.  Being the loving people that we are we took him in to feed him and bathe him, then take him to the Animal Shelter.

But if anyone wants to take him instead, Call Jenay! (please...)

Our apartment complex will let you have animals but cat's must be de-clawed, (Jenay thinks this is cruel), also they want a non-refundable pet fee of $200.00 (ouch!)

Also, I think, that we will have our hands full with our new baby. To mess with having a cat; feeding, playing, taking to the vet, cleaning up after, will just be a chore

But The kitten does climb on Jenay's belly, starts purring and the baby starts "movin' and grovin'."

So to recap, if you want a Kitten missing it's bottom teeth and tip of  tongue call Jenay, or if you want to make a donation (monetary or used cat products) to the "Save Gary Fund" , Call Jenay , or E-mail her


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