Xavier's First CHRISTMAS

Super Santa


Xavier and Uncle Greg Sleeping before we go to celebrate Christmas with the Horns
Xavier meeting his Great - Grandma Horn for the first time while Aunt Sharol can't wait to get a glance.  Of course his Gran can't let him so far out of her site
Xavier meeting is Great - Great - Grandma Horn for the first time.  Xavier and his Great Great Grandma Horn with her new sweatshirt that shows her new title as a Great Great Grandma.
Ryan Horn Nicole Horn
Great Great Grandma Horn opening her present.
Gran giving Xavier a bath before he goes out for the day.
Xavier meeting his Great Uncle Larry for the first time.  HOW CUTE!
Xavier, Lindsay and Mute (Larry's rather large cat).  Mute is 2 times Xavier's size.
Xavier meets his Great - Great - Grandma Smith.  Grandma and Xavier sitting a watching TV while we sit and visit.
Uncle Joel and Xavier in their matching outfits Xavier dress as a present with his Aunt Jennifer and Daddy
Xavier in his Billy Bob pacifier (a present from cousin Lindsay) and his Yankee hat (from his uncle Larry).
Grand Mommaw in her Great Grandma sweatshirt.
Xavier and his Grandpa sleeping on the couch before we open presents
Mom opening Xavier's presents from the Chalkley family
Ma and Xavier rocking while we open presents Grandpa and his Christmas present, a picture of Xavier and with footprints
Ma giving Xavier a bath before he goes to the Horn family Christmas.
**The generations**

Great Great Grandma Horn , Great Grandpa Horn, Grandpa, Mom and Xavier

Great Great Grandma Horn

Mom and Xavier

Xavier sleeping with his Great Grandpa Horn
Xavier and his Christmas present from Mom and Dad.  Everyone meet Samwise, a Cockapoo puppy, that drives Gary crazy.
Xavier in his outfit from Grandpa playing with his toy from the Colips.
Xavier in his outfit from Great Grandma and Grandpa Gagliardi, while playing with is bear from Grand Mommaw
Xavier playing with his platypus from Becky and Scot.
Thank you for all the gifts.  Everyone made Xavier's first Christmas very memorable for us, Thank You.



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